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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

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Dennis Cometti
Paul Dempsey
Cameron Ling
Jude Bolton
Paul Kelly
Bob Murphy
Matthew Richardson
Tim Rogers
Dave Graney

Presentation Night


PRESENTATION NIGHT is a live stage show. Not in a Lion King arena spectacular type of way (although that would obviously be incredible), but in more of a Michael Parkinson in the pub type of way. It works like this: we set up some bar stools, a table, and a turntable on stage. Legendary music and sports broadcaster Francis Leach walks on and proceeds to host a conversation between an elite footballer who loves music, and a storied musician who loves football, live on stage over the next couple of hours.

Each show is a once-in-a lifetime pairing between two greats in their respective fields. Thus far we’ve featured Paul Kelly with Bob Murphy; Tim Rogers with Matthew Richardson; Paul Dempsey with Cameron Ling; Urthboy with Jude Bolton; and Dave Graney with Dennis Cometti. Each show and each guest have been amazing, and their conversations have been all killer, no filler. We like it.

Together our guests tackle the big issues: what are the similarities between the professional musician and the professional footballer? How do friendships form in footy and in music? We take a look inside their kitbags, unearth some suprising trophies, talk about who scares them on the field or on stage. Our musician sings a couple of songs. We ask about our footballers’ favourite albums our musicians’ favourite footballers – and much, much more.

Just Announced

Presentation Night featuring BOB MURPHY in conversation with TEX PERKINS is set to hold its very first show in the City of Churches, Adelaide on Thursday 20th of June 2019!


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It is with a high impact level of excitement that we’re delighted to announce that Presentation Night featuring Bob Murphy in conversation with Tex Perkins is set to run through a crepe-paper banner and hold its very first show in the City of Churches, Adelaide, on Thursday 20th of June 2019.

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