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Online lists are big aren’t they? In the modern age where we have so many pressing things to do – such as reading lists online – we are not above getting involved in this kind of thing. Ahead of revealing the line-up for our next show this coming Friday, here are some sweet memories from our first Presentation Night show in July last year starring Paul Kelly, Bob Murphy and our very own Francis Leach.

1. Francis walks on stage to the strains of ‘This Charming Man’ to a rousing reception– the exact point at which it seemed like a show where people talk about music and footy was probably going to work out just like the fantasy sequence we’d been imagining in our heads.

2. Bob Murphy talks about how footballers are doing their best to ruin tattoos for everyone and muses that the Dogs thought about getting NAB Cup 2010 tattoos…

3. …before revealing his hidden love for Lady Ga Ga

4. Paul Kelly playing a song he had finished that afternoon about the great Charlie Perkins called ‘Bastard Like Me’ for the very first time to a Corner Hotel filled with people pinching themselves.

5. The genuine glow of being in a room filled with 500 great people all completely immersed in the amazing storytelling of the great men on stage talking about their craft, their careers and their shared love for music and footy.

It wasn’t too bad really.

We’re announcing the date and details of our next show this coming Friday. We’ve got 1 x elite footballer and premiership captain, 1 x elite musical icon who knows a thing or two about captains, and of course, the thinking human’s crumpet Francis Leach ready to steer the ship in his usual excellent fashion.



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