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1. Stay away from the window 2. Stay away from the back door too 3. Disconnect the telephone line 4. Relax baby, and draw the blind.

After drawing us in with these helpful words of instruction, and following a bit of mucking around, Rod Stewart eventually got to a chorus where he trilled ‘Tonight’s the Night!’ followed by ‘It’s gonna be alright’. It was 1976. We can dig what he was saying. It’s exciting. We feel it too.

Whilst of course it’s foolish to assume that Rod the Mod had invested his latest advance from Warner Brothers into a time machine that could travel into the future, it’s also not impossible to speculate that he may have been speaking about Presentation Night. It’s our first live show tonight (WED JULY 10TH) at The Corner Hotel in Richmond, and for those of you coming along, we look forward to the pleasure of your company. If you can’t be there, we’ll tell you all about it here tomorrow. We’ll exaggerate the crowd size, Photoshop selfies before posting, and make the anecdotes even more fantastical in the re-telling.

No. To be honest, there will be no need for any of that. Paul Kelly, Bob Murphy and Francis Leach talking about music, football, life and love? Live on stage? We can’t wait.

Presentation Night…TONIGHT! Featuring Paul Kelly & Bob Murphy, hosted by Francis Leach The Corner Hotel, 57 Swan St Richmond Doors: 8.00pm On stage: 8.30pm



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