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What vinyl platter is floating our pre-season boat this weekend?

Who: David Crosby AKA The Croz What:If I Could Only Remember My Name‘ LP When: 1971

Why: We sometimes like to imagine David Crosby running off the 1970’s Carlton backline alongside Bruce Doull for no other reason than his facial hair and thinning, flowing locks make them seem like a compatible pair. Whether or not The Croz could actually run more than three metres without keeling over is entirely beside the point. With the start of season 2014 less than one week away, this is our last chance to breathe deeply for quite some time, so who better to provide the soundtrack to our last footy-free weekend for the next six months than The Croz? Walrus-moustached, sweet voiced and always ‘quite relaxed’, his very first solo album is an underestimated classic. Released the same year that Hawthorn beat the Saints in the Grand Final, this far-out troubadour, activist, sailor and member of The Byrds & CSNY recorded this beautiful LP at the height of his musical powers, and turned out a properly cosmic set of tunes. Assisted by the likes of Neil Young, Graham Nash, Jerry Garcia and Joni Mitchell, we like to imagine the atmosphere in the studio being best described as ‘in no way business-like’. Perfect for: The last footy-free weekend for the next six months.

Have a great weekend.



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