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I shudder to think how many copyright laws are being broken in using the accompanying visual image for Daniel Merrett’s next entry in this series. Probably just one really big one actually. Still, given that The Simpsons is still a smallish cult show, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers merely a mid-level bar-slash-stadium band, we might just get away with it.

We move now into the do or die section of The Vinyl Series, and meet our guest scribe’s second week choices: their very own semi-vinyl contenders.

Dan kicked our Vinyl Series off beautifully last week choosing Jimmy Eat World’s self titled fourth album as his Qualifying Vinyl choice. Now takes us by the hand and leads us into the world of a band who must surely have skin folds results to rival those of Dan’s own Brisbane Lions. If there has a been a contemporary act with a lower body fat percentage over such a long period of time as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, well, we’d be surprised.

Over to you Dan…

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication (1999)

I might lose some street cred with the cool kids as a result of this nomination, but Californication has made the Semi’s.

I thought about putting in the more raw & rocky Blood Sugar Sex Magik, but as a whole album, Californication got the nod.

I’m not sure that any one track on this album would make my top 10 songs, but this album as a whole floats my boat. It’s the album that I put on when I’m not sure what to put on. It appeals to any demographic…. Even nana enjoys singing along to ‘Scar Tissue’.

A regular in the Lions Gym, you can often catch our first year players humming along to ‘Otherside’ or ‘Around the World’ - they were four years old when this album came out!

Anthony Kiedis is one of the most interesting lyricists and his arrangements are epic.

Some may say argue the album is a little bit over produced, but I always say if you’re gonna do a job, do it properly.

Cheers to Californication being played on regular rotation.



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