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The second album syndrome is particularly difficult for artists these days. Not everyone can knock out a ‘Hi Fi Way’ like the gentleman pictured above did in 1994 with his two best friends. There are so many expectations now if a debut record goes well. Fans move on more quickly than they used to, and there’s sometimes a propensity on the part of the artist to over-think everything that came so easily the first time around. It’s perfectly understandable of course. As people often say, you have your whole life to write your first album and six months to write your second. As a manager in the rock and roll caper I’ve seen it up close quite a few times, and it’s a tricky path to navigate for everyone involved. I imagine that it’s a similar situation for a young footballer who has had a breakout first season against expectations, then comes back for their second year with a target on their back.

Tonight marks Presentation Nights’ second live show – our equivalent of the second album. Do we look worried? Have we over-thought anything? Have we let hubris set in? Look, I just don’t know any more. Maybe we need to try some co-writes and go and do the show where The Band recorded ‘Music From The Big Pink’…

I’m joking of course. We can’t wait for tonight to come. We feel good, and have the added bonus of having already over-thought everything in the lead-up to the first show. We have two great men in Richo and Tim Rogers talking footy and music. We have another great man in Francis Leach running the show. We have frankly excellent badges and signed show posters depicting these fellows for sale. We have a one-off commemorative Bones McGhee T-shirt by Chris Rees being raffled with all money going towards the Casey Tutungi Fund. We have music. We have footy. We have each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Presentation Night # 2…TONIGHT! Featuring Matthew Richardson & Tim Rogers, hosted by Francis Leach The Corner Hotel, 57 Swan St Richmond Doors: 8.00pm On stage: 9.00pm



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