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We are absolutely delighted to announce that our next live show will feature the towering talents of Tiger legend MR MATTHEW RICHARDSON and Australian rock royalty MR TIM ROGERS on stage together at The Corner Hotel on Thursday the 15th of August. We’re beside ourselves at this pairing, because, let’s face it, they are both pretty much national treasures whilst still at the peak of their powers.

Is there any human anywhere with a beating heart and their head screwed on correctly who doesn’t love Richo? As a player he was the greatest show in town whether defying gravity, odds or opposition to kick a bag on a Friday night. As Bob Murphy said on stage less than two weeks ago, he was one of the greats, a proper rock star on the field.  He wore his heart on his sleeve for the yellow and black, and that’s why we loved him regardless of the colour of our own stripe.  As a commentator his insights are always spot-on, and to hear him educate Brian Taylor on some old school hip-hop during a lull in play…well,  it’s the kind of stuff you just can’t teach at media school (actually, we’ll check on that- it may be an elective by now).  We can’t to wait to hear Richo’s thoughts on music, footy, and whatever else he wants to talk about. He’s Richo.

And Tim Rogers? He’s written some of the greatest rock and roll songs ever.  He’s the front man of the legendary You Am I and a solo artiste; a live performer of unbridled charisma and passion; a thespian, a TV host, a skilled footballer, the face of finals footy, a devoted shinboner. He’s a man equally at home with guitar, pen or Sherrin. It’s amazing enough to have written ‘How Much Is Enough’ and ‘She Digs Her’ in such a short space of time that they ended up on the same album, but to keep up the standard with numbers like ‘Thank God I’ve Hit the Bottom’ and countless others over the course of his career is taking things to a different level.  People chart their lives by his songs, and we’re looking forward to hearing Tim expound upon the sweet thud of boot on ball, the scrape of pick on string and, we hope, the thump of heart on sleeve.

We will of course be in the steady hands of our excellent host Mr Francis Leach for the course of the show. His work on Presentation Night # 1 was fantastic – he guides, asks, and enthuses with the just right mix of curiosity, entertainment and knowing when to let things roll. Did they break the mould with this fellow? Well, look, we haven’t been able to find it anywhere, so we’re saying a resounding ‘yes’.

To quote a pretty decent four-piece out of Minneapolis, we can’t hardly wait.

# 2

It is: A conversation about music, football…and life.



It’s on: THURSDAY 15TH AUGUST, 2013

Tickets: On sale now from The Corner Hotel online Tel: 03 9427 9198

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