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You don’t want to get too fast and loose with the term “legend”. The true meaning of the word has become somewhat diluted in recent times. You’ll often find a ‘Legends Bar’ in an airport concourse, but generally speaking there are never too many characters worthy of the title hanging about inside.

Paul Kelly, however, is a legend. We’re absolutely over the moon to have Paul joining Bob ‘The Boss‘ Murphy and Francis ‘This Charming Man‘ Leach for Presentation Night ( Live! On stage! ) at The Corner Hotel on Wednesday July 10th for a conversation about music and footy. Honoured actually.

He’s a singer, a songwriter, an author, an actor, and by all reports, a lace-out kick. Based on how he goes about his day job, we imagine that act being performed with a minimum of fuss to maximum effect. His economy with words has led to a wealth of enjoyment for all of us who have hitched ourselves to his musical wagon over the years. It’s a good cultural forced savings plan. He’s made a genuine contribution to our country, which is no mean feat.

Paul writes beautifully in his book How To Make Gravy of growing up in Adelaide and supporting Norwood FC. In one fantastic passage he talks of wishing so hard that he could reverse a result during his boyhood – a loss preventing the Redlegs from making the finals that year – that he almost believes he can change the course of history through sheer mental desire. His disappointment at waking up the next day and finding the result unchanged is a feeling that pretty much all of us who love the game understand all too well. We can’t wait to hear more about the effect footy has had on his life over the journey.

And so, at last, on to the details of our first live turn…

It’s called: PRESENTATION NIGHT It is: A conversation about music, football…and life. Featuring PAUL KELLY, BOB MURPHY and hosted by FRANCIS LEACH. It’s at: THE CORNER HOTEL, 57 SWAN ST RICHMOND VIC 3121 It’s on: WEDNESDAY JULY 10TH, 2013 Tickets: On sale from 9.00am, FRIDAY 14TH JUNE from The Corner Box Office online Tel: 03 9427 9198


If you’d like to join our mailing list ( at the top of this post and to your right ) we’ll send you a pre-sale link tomorrow evening enabling you to purchase 24 hours before general public tix go on sale.

*We’ve been talking about Paul Kelly the musician, not the footballer. Footballer also a legend, obviously.


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