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As we’ve mentioned only several times this week, we have a our next live show coming up very soon, and will be announcing dates, details, and most importantly, guests TOMORROW, FRIDAY 2ND MAY. After engaging a Social Media Insight and Strategy Management Consultant on a lucrative three month contract to advise us on the best way to move forward and action our Presentation Night goals, we have been encouraged to build anticipation for our event via our various platforms. This is pretty revolutionary stuff, and certainly, we would never have thought of it otherwise.

‘Build anticipation you say…but how?’ we asked ‘HOW?’.  As we sat on small wooden crates outside a fashionable coffee house in the biting wind pretending we enjoyed ristretto, we leaned in to hear our unshaven, callow 19 year old wunderkind unload a little nugget of wisdom gained through having worked in this area for just a shade over three months.

‘Why don’t you stick up a picture of the guests with a black dot over their faces?’ he said, not quite enunciating a lot of his words properly.

So we have.

Our footy guest – and here’s a clue – is not actually Paul McCartney during the Sgt Pepper period despite how things look from the picture above. Yes, we toyed with the idea of having Sir Paul in for a chat, but ultimately, who remembers that album, and could he play football? Exactly. No, our footy guest is a great of the game, a premiership captain, an astute media performer and excellent guy who always stuck close to his opponent on the field, as we expect him to at The Corner. He’ll be driving up the highway about an hour to make the show. He’s been a mayor. Are you with us?


And our musical guest? Well, as you can tell from the attire we’ve affixed his head to, he’s a Saints supporter. Height-wise he could easily have been a great tap ruckman resting forward, but his real talents actually lie in creating some of the finest, most intelligent rock music to come out of this country over the past twenty years. He loves science. He hasn’t been a captain, but he’s sung about one. Having been to our first two shows as a spectator he may have a sense of déjà vu about returning. Oh, come ON!

Full details tomorrow tomorrow morning. Thanks for stopping by.



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