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We are VERY excited to blurt out the news that we’ll be announcing the date and details of our very first live show for 2014 this coming Friday the 2nd of May. If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘Presentation Night’ live concept, IT’S OKAY -  that’s why we’re here. Put simply, we take one great footballer with a love of music, a great musician who loves football, and stick them on stage together at The Corner Hotel. We put a couple of those funny headset microphones on their bonces, and let them talk about footy, music and life for a couple of glorious hours. Francis Leach guides the conversation superbly and we all have a fantastic time. It’s basically this blog being picked up by Andrew Lloyd Webber and converted into a successful Broadway smash*. We guarantee you’ll love it. We kicked off this grand tradition last year with Bob Murphy and Paul Kelly being amazing, then followed it up with Richo and Tim Rogers being incredible. What men. What times. What fun.

We have two absolutely top notch stars of their chosen field lined up, and quite frankly can’t wait to reveal all on Friday.


*In Richmond


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