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As we steam towards our next live show featuring the great men Richo and Rogers, we thought it might be nice to shed a little light on what our first event with Paul Kelly and Bob Murphy actually looked like. Through the magic of the moving image, or ‘talking picture’ if you will, a simple click on the footage above will transport you directly back to what happened on stage last month. It’s very much like being there (for two and a half minutes with the best bits edited together) listening in on the musical and footballing thoughts of P. Kelly and R. Murphy under the excellent guidance of F. Leach.

We’re looking forward to another fantastic night of conversation on Thursday 15th August with Richo and Tim. It’s exciting, because each night gets shaped entirely by the personalities on stage, and where they take it. Every show is a complete one-off. Tickets are available now from The Corner Box Office. We can’t wait.

*Special thanks to Jodie Fullerton at Channel 7 for the cinematic magic.


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