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Tonight’s game between the Western Bulldogs and Brisbane Lions at Etihad Stadium is notable for the fact that it features two men with the best musical tastes* currently running around in the AFL: Bob Murphy & Daniel Merrett . Regardless of the result tonight, we’re looking at it as a small victory for players who don’t list Avicii or Robin Thicke as their current favourite artists. For all your alt-country needs you’d be heading straight to Bob, for an update on the best current releases and next big things, Dan Merrett is your man. Like Natalie Imbruglia, we’ll be a little torn watching tonight (we’ll also be standing an all-white room leaning forlornly against walls as sheer curtains flap about in the background) and wishing both of them all the very best. The dream scenario involves a tie where they shake hands after the siren whilst Bob asks Dan to list his top three Oasis songs and Dan slips Bob a copy of the new Royal Blood album.


*In our entirely subjective opinion


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