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‘Will I be your man in motion, all I need’s this pair of wings…’ The Magpies join Rob Lowe in a rousing rendition of ‘St Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion)’ by John Parr

Australian Rules football is a beautiful game. It gets into our bloodstream early and stays with us for life. We pick or inherit a team, follow them passionately throughout the course of our lives, and take enormous pride in the jumper.

Speaking of jumpers, every season without fail, a strange phenomenon occurs in club marketing meetings. Here at Presentation Night we – hilariously – like to call this phenomenon ‘Cue…jumpers!’.

Put simply, it runs something like this: “Let’s invite a celebrity with no previous connection to football down to the rooms after a win. We’ll stick a brand new jumper (or scarf) on them and take some snaps. They won’t know what’s happening, the players will look a bit sheepish, and thanks to the internet, we’ll never be able to forget it.”

The level of absurdity is high. It makes no sense. In other words, it’s very good.

That’s why pictures like this happen. And that’s why we are going to run one at least one a week until we run out or lose interest.



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