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In a recent unpublished survey of the entire AFL and rock and roll communities, 100% of respondents stated their belief that Bob Murphy is The Boss. We concur. We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Bob to the stage for our very first live show come July the 10th.

R. Murphy is a living, breathing Bulldogs legend. He’s a dashing running man with an uncanny ability to find the goals; a lover of Springsteen, Justin Townes Earle and You Am I; an erudite newspaper columnist and highly entertaining TV panelist. He’s one of those rare few players admired by all lovers of football regardless of their team affiliation.

Short of styling his hair into a bob and dressing him up as Sir Thomas More (which we’re not entirely ruling out at this stage), Bob could not get any more Renaissance if he tried. We can’t wait to hear his thoughts and observations on the twin sirens of music and footy when he takes to the stage for a chat. He’s our kind of guy. Tramps like him? Baby, he was born to run.



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